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Towing Boating Ocean Water EZ Captain Hooks

24-7 On The Water Towing & Video Creation

All my video content is original. Professional Towboat captain of +15 years,

sharing some of my experiences, and the tools I personally use!

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Insta 360 Camera Film Captain Boating Awesome Filming

Insta 360 x3

This is my go to camera for filming 360 content, the applications are endless. The editing process is streamlined, the battery life is double the Go Pro Max, and I think it provides a clearer picture. It’s only downside is their phone app seems to not always connect to the camera so it’s reserved for manual record activation.

DJI’s Air 2S has been a very capable drone. The picture quality is great, I typically just shoot in 4k 30 or 60FPS with zoom capabilities, but 5.4k is also an option. The flight permissions are a little annoying, but I consistently fly near an airport, so the added security lets me know if there’s an incoming manned aircraft.

Go pro Hero 11 Video Crazy Slow Motion Rescue Products

Go Pro Hero

I find myself using this camera more & more. The downsides of the 360 cameras are decreased resolution so this lets me shoot in 4k up to 120FPS, or 5.4k. If I’m shooting slow motion shots this is my go to.

rove dash camera film everything never miss fails crazy boating


Dash Camera

I have more than a dozen of these, I usually just shoot in 1080 so I don’t stress my memory cards more than I need to. The picture quality is ok, but the best part is I never miss something important. I personally use the 256 or 512 cards, and format once a month. They changed the firmware to be more picky with the inserted SD card, but I have the downgraded software (I’ll post a link here).

Mustang Survival Life Jackt Lifejacket Float Floation

Mustang Life Jackets

Mustang Life Jackets are the PFD’s you will see me wearing in all of our videos. They automatically inflate if you fall overboard. They’re a great option incase you’re injured, or fall overboard offshore. There’s always instances you can find yourself in the water that are well beyond your control, it’s a good peace of mind to have.

Epirb safety safe get home personal rescue coast guard

ACR Personal Locator


If you travel offshore, or out of reach of a cellphone there are a must have to keep on you. They are small enough to keep in your pocket, but strong enough to reach out to satellites to make sure you get home safely. I like having these running offshore especially considering we mostly work solo on our boats.

Epirb Rescue Guaranteed Offshore Salvage Boating Fail Coast Guard

ARC Epirb

This is what we carry on all of our boats. If your boat sinks this little piece of equipment is invaluable! This is probably the single most important things you can buy as a boater. If you’re out of cell phone range, vhf broken, etc. This can guarantee you’ll be found!

Grundens west Marine Jacket Weather Foul Gear Rain Storm


Since my early days commercial fishing, Grundens is a name I was very familiar with. They’ve come a long way in lightweight material & breathability. This is the pair I always wear when the skies turn dark, and they’ve been treating me well so far.

anchor foretress aluminum best anchoring tool ocean beach

Fortress Anchors

These have been my favorite anchors. What initially turned me onto them years ago was being lightweight, the ability to disassemble, but most importantly their warranty! I folded a few of these up in wrecks, and even had to dive to get some of them back, but they fully replaced them with a brand new anchor! Our boats we’re using the FX-16

Simrad Chart Chartplotter Boating Depyth Finder Boating Boater Electronics

Simrad Chartplotters

We run these machines on 3 of our boats, and they’ve been super easy to use. Everything from autopilot, radar, and depth sounders are all in one display. I also added a Strike Lines chip to show bottom contours, and to aid in navigation inland.

Life jacket Waist Boat Safe Easy Wearable Inflatable Captain

There are the life jackets you’ll see a lot of the local Towboat Captains wearing. They’re lightweight, and easier to maneuver in, originally made for paddle boarders, and kayaks they’re a great option for boaters inland that want a little something if they were to fall in the water. They are manual release, and you have to put it over your head, but are Type V Coast Guard approved.

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